Carriage by sea

BILATRIS company delivers goods using two or more modes of transport - Multimodal transportation. This makes it possible to optimize the cost and time of transportation, choosing the most convenient mode of transport in each of the sections of path.

Carriage by sea

Latvia with its vast access to the sea is a leading transit country of the Baltic region.

Company Bilatris SIA implements qualitative international carriage of goods be sea, involving application of various types of containers.

Frequently availing of opportunities of sea ports, terminals for cargo handling, warehouses, the company Bilatris SIA offers to the clients a full cycle of services en routes: 

Europe – the Baltic States – CIS countries

The New World – the Baltic States – CIS countries

China – the Baltic States – CIS countries 

You can consult our specialists and leave a request for calculation of carriage costs. They will contact You swiftly and answer all questions on carriage of goods by sea.

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