Transportation by rail

Transport company BILATRIS provides a full range of services in the field of transportation of goods by rail from Europe to Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries and vice versa.

Rail transportation in the Baltic States and in other directions

Bilatris SIA Company renders services in arrangement of transportation of goods and cargoes by railway transport: import, export and transit in various directions and at any distance. In cooperation with partners in BELSYS GROUP international transport and logistics holding, we arrange the delivery of goods in railroad carriages and containers of universal type. The service is provided both individually and in the form of multimodal transportation. We provide a full range of rail transportation services, because this is one of the most profitable and convenient ways of transporting goods.
As for directions, our team is ready to arrange the delivery of the goods through the logistics chains of the EU-CIS, the EU-China, the EU-the Middle East and in the opposite direction. We conduct transshipment at Baltic terminals. We have experience in working with various types of cargo: raw materials, building materials, goods, animal feedstock, etc. We provide the customer with complete information on the rolling stock, tariffs and other aspects.
We offer a wide range of specialised services. Among them are:

  • freight forwarding by rail;
  • change of rolling stock taking into account the type of the track;
  • accelerated container transportation by rail;
  • cargo tracking and its full control;
  • filling in all required documentation;
  • payment of additional tariffs and related services;
  • consulting the client on all issues, including detailed calculation of tariffs and ways of route optimisation.


Benefits of rail cargo transportation

The railway has many advantages as an advantageous transportation means:

  • delivery of cargo does not depend on the season and weather conditions;
  • it is possible to transport oversized and non-standard objects distinguished by their form at long distances.;
  • railway transport has practically no equals in terms of the speed/cost ratio;
  • taking into account the degree of railway branching in Europe and Asia, the delivery of cargo in the described way does not cause any problems;
  • at medium and long distances, this transport is more profitable than road transportation and faster than by sea.

The client only has to decide on the freight forwarder, who will arrange and carry out the transportation taking into account all wishes and personal preferences.
Certain requirements are imposed on international railway transportation: clearance, customs declaration, selection of rolling stock of a suitable type. Specialists of Bilatris SIA Company are beneficially different from competitors in terms of their competence, experience and knowledge. On our part, we are ready to arrange transportation of cargo of any size and type. We know the specifics of cargo transportation that requires a certain temperature regime and relates to the dangerous type. If you need the most profitable and verified routes, please contact our company. We propose well-established, bold and ambitious solutions, taking into account the individual approach to each client.

Why Bilatris SIA?

BELSYS GROUP international holding, which includes our company, has been successfully operating in the international cargo transportation market since 1991. Our partners are profile public and private institutions. We have concluded agreements on cooperation with representatives of national railway networks. We consider the prompt delivery of the customer's cargo by railway transport one of our priority tasks. We are one of the few who provide comprehensive logistics consulting: starting with the development of the optimal route and ending with full control until the delivery of the goods to the recipient. Arrangement of high-quality rail transportation is one of our main activities. You can apply to our specialists with any questions and order a cost estimate. We will promptly consult you on any aspects related to railway transportation.
Bilatris SIA Transport Company is a reliable logistic operator, which is known not only in the Baltic States, but also far beyond the region. Among our customers are such well-known international corporations as Toyota, Coca Cola, Tarkett, Basf, Luding.

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