Transportation of Excise Goods

The list of transported goods contains a category that requires a special approach. It is expressed not only in increased attention to transportation safety, but also in special requirements for customs clearance. We are talking about excise goods, which include alcohol and tobacco products. The demand for excise products is characterised by stable indicators. For this reason, many importing companies are engaged in their purchase for the purpose of further sales.

Bilatris SIA Company has extensive experience in organising transportation of goods of this type from the territory of the countries of the European Union, as well as in the opposite direction. The geography of transportation of beer, other alcohol and tobacco products is diverse. The fact that the company is part of BELSYS GROUP international transport and logistics holding allows us to arrange transportation of excise goods including on the longest routes: China, USA, Australia and other destinations. The company plans and escorts the most complex logistics chains with the maximal consideration of customer requirements. We guarantee an individual approach. Regardless of the distance and complexity of the route, we always deliver excise goods on time.

In the Baltic States, Bilatris SIA Company has established fruitful cooperation with warehouses in Lithuania and Latvia. The location in the centre of Europe is most advantageous from the point of view of logistics and other aspects of expeditionary services and control. Recourse to professionals will help to avoid a lot of mistakes connected with incorrect determination of the category of imported/exported goods, incorrect calculation of the cost and timely payment of excise duties, or compiling a set of required customs documents. We are ready to provide comprehensive support for transportation of specific goods (alcohol of all types, tobacco products), providing the conditions and requirements under which the relevant transportation is carried out by a certain mode of transport.


Transportation of wine and other excise goods is characterised by a variety of nuances. For example, it is necessary to know the list of goods subject to mandatory labelling in the country of destination, as well as peculiarities of customs clearance of excise goods. Our experienced specialists are aware of the current requirements. They constantly monitor changes in national legislation. Thanks to this, we provide fast and error-free transportation of specific goods.


Transportation of alcohol


Bilatris Company arranges transportation of alcohol of all types: hard liquor, wines, low-alcohol wines, beer. The accumulated experience has allowed us to develop the safest and fastest way to deliver excise goods to the customer's warehouse. Railway transportation is carried out in special isothermal railway carriages, which allow to maintain a certain temperature and reduce heat losses. Therefore, this type of transport is used year-round. If the air temperature is within acceptable limits, road cargo transport can be used as an alternative: refrigerated or tilt trucks. By sea, the products are transported in 20-40 feet containers.
Bilatris SIA provides a full range of services for transportation of alcohol products:

  • transportation of the above mentioned products in road, rail and sea containers;
  • acceptance and consolidation of goods in warehouses in the Baltic States with their subsequent shipment;
  • sorting, packing and labelling with excise stamps and other preparation for shipment;
  • storage of excise goods for the required period of time;
  • control and inspection of cargo, as well as transhipment by a survey service;
  • delivery of excise goods to the warehouse in the country of destination or according to the DOORS TO DOORS scheme;
  • registration of the required customs and other documentation for the export or import of alcohol.

The same list of services applies to transportation of cigarettes.


Transportation of tobacco products


Products of this type include cigarettes, packed tobacco, cigars, mouthpiece cigarettes and other tobacco products. We carefully consider the requirements for their transportation. Thus, for example, a commodity group of only one item is transported in each box. We use transport with a dry and clean body (railroad carriages, containers). To accelerate customs inspection and clearance, the cargo is packed according to bills of lading. As usual, excise goods are subject to more thorough inspection by customs inspectors. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that the exported or imported cargo is ready for inspection and presentation of accompanying documents. On our part, we ensure timely compliance with all requirements. We supervise the cargo at all stages.

Bilatris SIA is your reliable partner, which guarantees the application of an impeccable operational algorithm for working with a group of excisable goods, which has proved to be effective for many years. You don't need to engage in independent customs clearance and transportation of alcohol and cigarettes. It is much easier and more profitable to entrust this work to professional forwarders.

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